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Since 1996, Shaun has provided channeling sessions that are a form of counseling and healing for people interested in positive transformation and spiritual growth.

As a Reiki Master, Shaun has taught Reiki and provided Reiki healing sessions for over 20 years. Reiki is pronounced,"ray-key."

Shaun has been a practitioner of other healing modalities such as Polarity Healing and Emotional Energetic Freedom Healing.

Shaun presents Sounds of Light events and sings Sounds of Light healing tones that can reconnect listeners to deepening experiences of their eternal beauty, unconditional love, and divine intelligence.

From Shaun: "It's wonderful to be a part of the personal growth and healing opportunities provided by the sounds of light healing tones."

"It's my intent that they will provide you with a heightened realization of the powerfully creative, magnificent, and loving being that you truly are."

Infinite Love

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