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"Uplifting Opportunities For Play"

This world you live in is filled with so many wonders and joyful opportunities at this time to create realities in the world you experience day to day, to create wonderful experiences each day in every way. Each day filled with play, each day. How you fill your world is becoming more and more of a true testament as to who you wish to be, as to who you desire to be, as to where you want to be, as to how you lift life up and expand. There are a myriad of choices, opportunities, available to you, before you, for you. There are ample doorways within you, before you, because of you, that will allow you to see brighter sights, that will allow you to know brighter lights, brighter lights as they relate to the interactions you have with others, the interactions you have when you are thinking to yourself, and when you are creating within your own mind, and when you are playing scenarios of life before the projection screen of your heart mind.

Allow this time to be a glorious one for you. This time on Earth. This life you are living now. Allow yourself to be in the deepest currents of the love that flows through you, of the love that flows because of you, of the love that is so very much a part of you and is so very much the you that is coming into the forefront of your recognition, your realization, your awareness. Allow the most incredible ideas for peaceful existence to be with you, to surge from within your being and into the world you play in each day so that these energies, these very creatively powerful energies can bring together the matter, the materials, the particles, the instruments for full and complete manifesting, manifestation, in your day, in your life, in your light, in your interactions with others, in your interactions with the thoughts within you. Be bold, be you, be true to the current, the currents of energies that come to you, for you, because of you, and allow them to speak to you, to be with you, to interact with you, to reveal more of who you are to you, for you, because of you.

Allow this energy to replenish your body, your heart, your mind, your soul with the spirited life force that thrives on freedom, that thrives on the allowance to be the ecstasy that is you, that is how you were in the beginning of all of these lifetimes, these journeys, these adventures, these sometimes troublesome and sometimes joyous experiences on Earth. Be into the full unification of all of these plays, all of these productions of a life, of an expression of who you have thought yourself to be, of who you have thought yourself into being. The idea of "who you have thought yourself into being," has become no longer necessary in many respects, for now the energies upon all planetary life here are in an amazing position to be free from "thinking" oneself into beings, into characters, into personalities, and now you are so very much able to let it be, let you be, allow you to be here, to flow the you that you truly are. In so many other lifetimes, you have had to veil your you-ness, veil your trueness, hide your heart-ness, hide your highness, and as a result go about a guessing game of sorts to create your personality with a foundation of thoughts that have been so disconnected from their source, so disconnected from you and the source of you. Thought is of power and now the Heart of Self is returning to power as it relates to allowing you, the source of you, to unfold here in the physical journey, the play, this life, this excitement that can be so full, so loving, so joyful, so unhindered by limited ideas, limits of understanding, limits bye-bye, moving on now more and more and soon enough these limits will be a thing no more. Be gone limits, limitations, be gone.

Pouring forth now at levels amassing beyond anything observed here before are the opportunities to create an amazing reality that interconnects the soul's desire, preferences, passions, joys, excitements, with the body, with the you in physical. And beautiful is this. Beautiful is this reality that supports the continued creation of more beauty and more opportunities to create life interactions so powerfully expressive of the heavenly happiness explicit in you, and for you, each and all of you. There has not been a time on Earth that has contained such outwardly expressions of beauty in creative potential. These are amazing times here on Earth. Creating the smoothness of breath, the simplest of ways to support all peoples effortlessly from heart creation. It is without compare this time on your home ball, your home base, your home play, your home court. We see it. You are feeling it. You are putting it together. You are. Happiness inroads, happiness in rows, happiness in groves, happiness in throws, happiness is those who lift into their highest available heart vibrations. There is so much knowledge in this state of being, so much understanding comes to the forefront in this relationship of self with heart high in the mind's eye.

Play before you. Play within you. Play is you, all of you, each of you. Playing the game into higher and higher vibes of heart felt joys and understandings allows creative abilities to soar in these heights of light . And their powerful individual might can gather together in harmonies with those of like vibes in heights so high that the soul comes through, comes forth, comes into the forefront of each thought, comes into each moment of awareness. And each new opportunity to create beauty in life is able to be seen, each allowance of new opportunity is able to be seen, to be recognized, to be embraced, and to then be manifested, placed in your theater of life this day of your play. Again and again and again the power of your soul comes to you in richer heartfelt flows, in fuller and more resounding expressions, sharings, embracings, and to see it clearly, feel it dearly, is a blessing for "all within you" as you more readily recognize the meaning behind "All" and the way to be playful each day.

Much upliftment this day of your play.

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