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"Avenues of Delightful Resources"

We are all here with you now in these blending moments together. We have seen some new doorways opening within the consciousness patterns of humanity and the doorways are to remain open. Going inside, beyond the entrances is where you have the greatest opportunity now to work with these new patterns of consciousness, these ways of thinking, feeling, creating. You have many areas inside to draw upon as tools, palettes of color, mechanisms, that provide you with the energies to bring into your experiences new and clearer ways of seeing the worlds you are a vast part of. Herein are avenues filled with delightful resources for your enjoyment, uplifting, upliftment, lifting up into higher frequencies of light as it relates to thoughts, feelings, ways of creating. Stores along these avenues are teaming with life filled with joyous delights. Heaven before you, heaven within you, heaven because of you. We enjoy the ways you are discovering your truer nature, the ways you are returning home, bringing home here, creating home here. There is so much you have been building within the ethers of your world and the shift of it all into your physical world is happening with each day in ways you may and may not see, however, greater ways of playful interaction are strengthening in the world of your physical reality. There are so many new foundations coming into completion that will support life for you here in ways that reflect your heart's desire.

Enjoy each day and play in everyway. Much love.

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