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"The Dreams We Are Being"

We love you all so very much, all that you are and all that you have created together here on Earth. These are wonderful times to be here in capacities to uplift life that exists not only within you, each of you, but life that exists on so many levels of the multidimensional worlds that come together to support and hold the stuff of life together, all together. It has always been and will be, this togetherness, and now you have been filling up the moments of life with new ways to bring this togetherness into your awareness. To see and know how you work together and create together all that you experience is an ability that is coming more and more into your everyday awareness, your ability to readily recognize how you are creating each moment, how you are doing so together. It's marvelous, returning to this magnificent state of awareness. You are doing so and we are enjoying the creative ways you are doing so. We are finding that you too are really enjoying this process as well.

The beauty to be and the beauty to see the ways of your ever increasing play is happening within each one of you more and more. For your dreams are coming to you and into your days with greater clarity, the dreams you dream into that which you experience. The dreams you are being. So many dreams. So many ways to dream. Dreams of you and dreams of all having happy days, truly finding happy ways, to be the you that is so very much a dream to be with, a dream to experience. Happy dreams coming from happy dreaming. There are so many ways to dream your reality into being. There are so many ways to be the being you dream of being. All dreams come to be on some level of being. Bring through the dreams of you that you have always dreamed of. Bring them through into being, into physical being, physical reality, that they may be beside you hand in hand through this walk of life. Sleep brings dreams, you bring dreams, sleep no more for dreams that are mean. Heaven sent are dreams of thee in ways of play each day. Heaven sent, heaven sent, from heaven you are, heaven sent. All good dreams of you and me come into thee so heavenly.

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