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"Earth's Awareness Of Self, Us, and Others"

It is most full of wonder this moment of our blending together. Great joy to be here with you in this way. We are delighted this evening of your time to bring news of the world today. The world that you call Mother Earth. She, as she is often referred to, is living it up in the energies that are streaming into her being in the space she rests within physical space. She is receiving energies that are coming from the Sun as it shines new lines of light filled with a new source of life for her daily spinning activities and growth as a being of planetary proportions. She is also picking up on streams of light that contain life support nutrition of sorts that are coming from a lineage of galactic cores that she has grown out of in many respects. She has been pieced together through a creation process that embodied the hearts and minds of many beings that came together from these galactic locations, from life supporting systems located in these galactic locations. She has memory of each and every one of the life forms that contributed to her birthing into physical form.

And while we have been referring to her as 'her', she really is a compilation of androgynous beings, at least in the initial stages of her physical development within this solar system. The galaxy you are familiar with as the Milky Way Galaxy has only a small number of life forms that have contributed to her initial development. But over the passage of time as you perceive it and create it, she has become very much a part of the life forms within this Milky Way. So many life forms have blended with her as they have evolved in their development. So at this time, she is filled with conscious streams of life forms from this galaxy also.

The conscious streams that have been present from the start of all of Earth's growing stages had stepped back over the last several millennia and allowed for more of the consciousnesses that are more in resonance with the Milky Way to step forward and blend with Earth in the development of not only new patterns of consciousness, streams of consciousness, but also in the bringing forth of new life forms here, of which there are a large number now. A lot of variety here on Earth. Earth is teaming with all kinds of life forms.

Many of the light streams coming into Mother Earth now that are from the other galactic cores that we referred to earlier are providing her with a re-connection to her beginnings. A re-connection to the ways she fondly remembers but has been removed from in terms of her not being able to spin in resonance with these beginning ways for some time. The light energies are uplifting the spirits of Earth and allowing for greater flexibility in the ways she is able to interact with other life forms in her presence, on her surface of being, and other locales. The increase in flexibility provides her with more adaptive facilities when faced with streams of consciousness that have been harsh and rigid and unforgiving. She now has the capacity to flex her strengths in ways that are less destructive than the actions she has taken in our past to alter rigid patterns of beings. The actions of earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves, floods, and the like, have allowed her to in a sense reset the primary consciousness patterns on Earth back to ones she is more in tune with, more at home with. The actions she has taken to reset are not too dissimilar to the rebooting of a computer after it has been given a new program of instructions. The rebooting for Earth can come in the forms of her seemingly destructive storms and shakes. When a storm settles down and systems are up and running again, generally the previous patterns of consciousness have been adjusted sufficiently to allow life for her to flow more in resonance with who she is, with the vibrations of her heart center.

With the new waves of light that she has been receiving recently, she is able to reset the consciousness patterns of the life forms that interact with her, in ways that are less destructive from our perspective. Fewer stormy actions that are of overwhelming levels of destruction have been necessary to maintain balance. New propensities of balance not attained before are filtering in now on Earth at various locations around the globe. There are now magnitude earthquakes that are lessening in strength from what they could have been, and another reason this has been possible is that people here are picking up some of the magnitude energies and running them through there own bodies. They have chosen to do this in a cooperative effort with Earth to bring greater resonance to all of the life forms here that stream in conscious states. A person that takes on some of this magnitude energy goes through their own internal earthquake of sorts that is most readily observable by some of the emotional and mental disruptions they have.

In a larger sense, the Earth's out of balance states have often been the result of having had so many life forms blending here with her that have had their own set of imbalances that they have created themselves. Over all, Earth is doing much better and is very grateful that people here are taking more responsibility for their own disruptive energetic creations that they had previously tried to dump on her. Now more people are learning, or are at least being given the chance to learn, how to heal their disruptive energetic creations that they had once thought they could just leave behind and forget about. In this way, the past is coming back to have a conversation with those who have been creating rather disruptive energetic circumstances for theirself and others. And such a person today has the opportunity to deal with these patterns that are boiling up from within them, in healing ways, for there are becoming more and more wonderful forms of healing upon Earth today. To attempt to ignore the magnitude of these disruptive energies will only bring greater storm outbreaks within that particular person's day to day experiences.

Overall, the patterns of consciousness on Earth and the life forms contributing to them are uplifting to phenomenal levels not seen before here. And this will serve to keep the outbreaks of stormy behavior from some individuals to a degree that will have very little impact on the larger pictures of life here that are providing more detailed images of greater resonance with the heart soul of all life, greater love and greater understanding.

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