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"Believe In The Sounds Of Your Infinite Worth"

We hear the songs in the hearts of those who live on Earth. The symphony of soul players within you have become fine players of your life instruments. The levels of orchestration you are bringing forth each day now are finding themselves to be more and more refined. The notes, the harmonies, the melodies, that are being sung are touching the heart of life creation with delicate chords of consciousness in so many playful and resonant ways. We enjoy the music of your spheres immensely and express our gratitude to you for allowing us to be a part of the heavenly incarnations you are. The light of who you are, who each and every one of you are, is lighting the way for pathways before you that are now filled with the lushness of life in all of its lavish love-imbued landscapes. To see the sounds you are creating, the life you are creating, has tears of joy filling our eyes. To hear the beauty you are playing into universal music chambers that have no end, has tears of joy streaming in the consciousness of life forms in so many levels of dimensionality.

How is it that there are so many living life without support systems in their physical world? How can it be that so many can have so much less than what is available in this world where you are learning to create such beautiful music together with only the instruments of your heart and mind? Who has made the choice to be without so many of the lavish forms of comfort that will provide for each and every one of you in your physical world in very real and physical forms of abundance? Allow the music of your heart to come through to you each day, consider listening to the stereo that plays lyrics filled with a wealth of information on how valuable you are in this world you live in. The stereo that is in you, that fills you each day with music of your soul and plays on the airwaves of your very being, your very state of being, your very inner state of being. You are the DJ of your heart and soul. Give the microphone to your heart, that it may play its songs for you, that you may come to know the value of who you are so deeply and confidently that the elements of abundance in the physical world will be attracted to you, to the sounds of the songs you are playing from your heart, for each song will tell the world of your unique beauty, of your unique worth that is priceless and unmatched anywhere in the universe. You are of such great inner worth and all of the musical creations that are heard when you allow your inner thoughts to be played into the creations you bring forth each day will attract to you the lavish forms of abundance that will provide you with limitless happiness, unlimited feelings of happiness, expressions of your joyful and natural state of abundance will be the norm for you and for each one of you. It can be no other way in a world where the physical reality brings to you that which you put out to it. It can be no other way in this physical world where you attract to yourself physical realities that reflect your beliefs.

Your very being is amazingly instrumental in creating symphonic sounds of heavenly delight in every way in which you can imagine what that is, what that looks like, feels like, is like, heavenly delight. You have only to allow yourself to connect to the worth you are, that you may then know all of the infinite ways your value to life truly contributes to the spiritual collective. Believe your worth is infinite just by being who you are, and life will provide you with an abundance of resources, and in that you will know in every way that the physical world has heard your claim that you are a priceless being and you will stand for no less in life than complete and total abundance in every way that will provide complete happiness for you. See the value you are, know it, feel it, believe it, stand up and tell anyone, everyone who will listen that you are of infinite wealth and that you will accept nothing in life but the very best for yourself. Believe in yourself to this extent and stand strong in your beliefs, that the physical world will have time to hear you and reflect back to you your beliefs.

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