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"Personal Spheres Of Love Within Us"

Dear friends of so very many wonderfully loving lifetimes together, most delightful to be here with you now in these blending moments together. It is a pleasure to share with you in this world in this way. Most delightful to interact with you here in the physical world in this way in this blending manner, in this blending together of energies of consciousnesses that stream through you and stream through us in ways that allow for communication to take place between our physical and non-physical world, yes. Most delightful indeed, yes.

Our world is filled with joy this evening of your time dear friend as you all have chosen to create time to exist, yes. Most joyful here for us to connect with you and to share our heart stories of love and harmony that fills every human being in this time. Everyone on this planet is now carrying a sphere of energy within their bodily aura of being, there subtle bodies. This energy of love, of light, is so new for humans here on Earth, not the likes of which have we ever seen before. It is a beautiful sight. It is a wonderful glorious sight dear friends to see this all over the planet. People everywhere, every person without exception dear friends, has this amazing sphere of energy in their aura, yes. A nutrient of light, of life, of love, that resonates with each person's soul, with their heart, in loving ways. It allows them to experience life in loving ways. It allows them to interact with other people in loving ways, in thoughtful ways of joy and creativity, yes, bringing happiness to others dear friends, yes.

This is something very new for human beings on planet Earth. Something to write home about dear friends, and so we have. And you are the ones that are receiving the return reply of our letters that we have sent home. You are the ones receiving the opportunity now to bring these spheres of love, each one of you now has the opportunity to bring this sphere of love that is in your subtle body, to bring it out into the physical world. To bring it into the world where you are very aware of what you are thinking, feeling, and doing, in each moment of your experience here. You have the opportunity to work with this loving energy in ways that are expressed physically to other people, to life forms, to the trees, to the rivers, to the animals that roam in the forests, to the loving cetaceans that swim in the seas, to all the wildlife in oceans, lakes, and rivers dear friends, and to those that soar through the air. They are all in a place to be a part of this experience as well. How will it all come to be, dear friends, how will it all be manifested?

Will everybody utilize this source, this sphere of loving light in their aura, in their subtle bodies, in these positive ways, in these uplifting ways, in these very creative and powerful ways to bring joy, to bring sharing, to bring compassion, to bring life here into a very wonderful and happy place filled with all that anyone would ever need in the ways of food and shelter and to have home comfort? A home over there heads for shelter, and a home within there heart for feeling connected and wanted, feeling loved not only by others but feeling the love for themselves from themselves. Dear friends you all have this opportunity and many more others that are similar, for there are so many worlds that you can create that will be so uplifting with this energy that exists in everybody now dear friends. How will you work with it? For you are the creators with this energy dear friends.

The time many of you have asked for is now here. To create this heaven on Earth dear friends you have all the tools you need here now. Everything. All resources. There is only now a choice for you to make, each one of you. Will you begin manifesting this love through your expression in physical life day to day, bringing this love, this creative and wonderful energy into reality. Yes, you all can work together in groups of two, or three, or several hundred, or a hundred thousand, dear friends. It is very much a real opportunity available to you, yes.

We know there are still people with beliefs that enjoy playing with the ideas of, "Oh, there will always be mean people". "Oh, there will always be some starving people". "Oh, there will always be somebody that goes without". "Oh, there will always be pain and suffering on this planet". Well you see dear friend, this is all just a creation of their belief systems. So when you decide to change your beliefs into those consciousness streams that say, "The world of life here can be beautiful in every moment and we can still enjoy it in every moment, never will we be bored, never will we need to have pain in order to relish the feeling of pleasure, never will we need to have lack in order to relish the enjoyment of abundance, and harmony, and love, and comfort". Dear friends, you do not need to continue creating pain and suffering in order to be able to appreciate pleasure and joy. The duality is not necessary. Having such polarity in what you create is not a necessity anymore dear friends. It is no longer needed. To be free of such polarity you need only change your beliefs, unless you want to continue life that contains suffering, and darkness, and misunderstanding, and no understanding. You need only choose to believe that harmony, and joy, and love, and laughter, and abundance for every soul on this planet in physical form can be a reality in physical form everyday for millennia and millennia and millennia of your ages.

You are the creators through your belief systems so how will you change your beliefs? What is it that excites you the most as a collective? What do you choose to bring here dear friends in this world as someone who can contribute? All of you can contribute individually and in groups as we have said, so the responsibility is not on the shoulders of one but on the shoulders of all. Everyone is in this game dear friend, nobody is sitting on the bench no matter whether they are consciously creating an uplifting environment or not. For you know, you exist on many levels, and so people who may have no understanding of this metaphysical multidimensional aspect of their being will still be on other realms of their existence working on creating new belief systems that will either be focused on bringing about eternal joys and abundances for all people or they will continue to sit in the energies of polarity consciousness, love and hate, good and bad, that kind of polarity dear friends. That type of polarity is not necessary now, and to accept that it is necessary, is only a reflection of your beliefs.

The consensus reality that you all experience is only a reflection of the consensus belief systems of your population, of the humanity here on Earth, yes. And there are many ways to tap into the consciousness grids that are most important in how belief systems are registered in a person's awareness. If you are excited by realities in which your world is filled with joyful abundance in all ways, you can choose to place supporting beliefs out into the consciousness grids. And you can do this in modes that allow your uplifting beliefs to be internally listened to by others in ways that are comfortable for them, relaxing, and most importantly in ways that allow them to choose to accept them or turn away from them by their own choice. Place these belief systems into the mainstream consciousness grids in a way that will allow others to have a choice. Do not place them there stating, "this is how it must be". Place them there as a choice, as an opportunity, that other people may experience, that they may think about, that they may consider, and see if it is of a flavor that they find tasteful, if it is of a vibration that they feel resonates with the excitement within their soul, within their heart. Working to uplift the belief systems of the consensus reality is a process that takes some time in doing dear friends. It takes "doing" within the time that you have created here on Earth for yourselves.

Yes, most delightful to bring this through for you. We are always very happy to share here with you dear friends, to interact with the physical world in this way, for we are very much connected to the physical world, and we all are very much in admiration of all that you do dear friends. It brings us great joy to share in life with you. Thank you for allowing us to share a perspective on how you all can create a more uplifting life. A world that embraces itself. A world that reaches out and realizes that it is part of a larger community of loving worlds in this Universe that you all exist within in physical time and space. Place your heart high, very high, within your eyes, within your mind, dear friends, that the love may flow through your thoughts to reach into this sphere of love energy that we spoke of, to tap into it everyday, to allow it to flow through your every thought, word, and deed. And in this way you will be truly expressing your soul desire. The desire of your soul to live, how your soul longs for you to live here in heaven, yes dear friends. We love you all so very much. Most wonderful to be sharing and blending with you in this moment of your time, for we have no time as you experience it, on our side of this veil, this curtain on the stage of universal life. Yes, our love goes out to everyone taking a moment to be a part of our message here in this moment of time.

Love to you all dear friends of so very many wonderfully loving lifetimes together, yes.

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