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"Being Home Here, Together We Are"

We are beautiful and magnificent multidimensional beings with marvelous capabilities to create and live wonderful experiences everyday! Re-membering, re-connecting, tuning in to, unifying, harmonizing with and resonating with our whole being. Re-membering to more of the playful you, the magical you, the is-ness of you. Re-connecting to more of the joy that you are, to more of the love that you are, to more of the happiness that you are, to more of your imagination and creativity. Realizing more of the potential You that is available for you to be in this amazing age of growing awareness and uplifting transformation that we are now in.

We are freeing ourselves from limited beliefs that kept us separated from the deeper love and wisdom within each of us. We are tuning in to more of our love and wisdom, and we are forgiving, healing, becoming more whole, more wholy. We are allowing ourselves to express unique ways of play, unique ways of love, unique ways of laughter, unique ways of creating upliftment in life with our intelligent and loving heart, loving and intelligent mind.

In each moment, a world with over six billion people is a world with over six billion unique ways to express play, to express love, to express laughter. In this moment there are over six billion ways each of us can receive play from another, receive love from another, and receive laughter from another. Happiness, joy, excitement, wonder. Over six billion ways. Giving, forgiving, receiving, vibrational harmony within us. In this moment. Positive creations. Uplifting creations. Over six billion ways in this moment. And on and on this moment goes.

Being Home here - within - all around.  Becoming more aware of You, more attune to what you enjoy, more conscious of how you create the experiences you have each day and how to create the experiences and the life you prefer to live, the life your heart prefers to live, the life you love to live, the life you live in love within your highest joy of being. Home, where your heart is. Sharing and expressing this home to others. Receiving this home from others. Groups of people living at home, countries living at home, the global consciousness of humanity living at home.

Understand, know, realize. You are a beautiful and magnificent person. In ever increasing ways, you are real-izing and thus enjoying that which you truly are. You are being with you and enjoying this being. You are expressing laughter with you and enjoying this being deep within you, all around you, here, now. You are expressing this real and joyful you to yourself, to others, to planet Earth, and to all life everywhere.

With increasing frequency, you are allowing the joy you are, the love you are, the laughter you are, to reveal who you really are. Giving this wonderful magnificence that you are to yourself allows you to receive this wonder and magnificence. It allows you to receive it from yourself and from others as well. Your heart is free to fully flow through you, and you feel free to fully flow your heart, to express you, to share you, to receive you.

We are letting go of the limiting definitions and beliefs that have created perceived separations, and we are now choosing definitions and beliefs in harmony with our heart, with our mind, with our Heartmind. Empowering you effortlessly. Re-membering, re-connecting, tuning in to, unifying, harmonizing with and resonating with our whole spirit. You are an amazingly loving being that is increasingly creating wonderful heartfelt experiences everyday that uplift you, others, and life in all ways, shapes, and forms.

You are a person you enjoy being with in ever increasing ways. People on planet Earth enjoy being with each other in ever increasing ways. Earth is a place that we enjoy being with, a place that life in all ways, shapes, and forms enjoys being with. Earth is a place that enjoys being with us as well.

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