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"Healing The Homeless Splinters Of Emotion"

There is so much joy in our hearts as we have this opportunity to share with you in these ways. There are times in the day when feelings can get hot and heated. The Sun sits high in the sky and somehow people experience a heavy run in with some energies that have been pent-up inside them, with some energetics that contain an experience of pain or frustration and suddenly this energetic bubble bursts from obscurity into their circumstances at hand. Someone can say something or do something towards a person and that person's bubble bursts and they react angrily or at least they feel angry all of a sudden. After some time passes and they are able to cool off a bit, a person that has had such an experience may ask themselves what all that anger was about. Where did all that upset feeling come from all of a sudden?

Such an experience is not a reflection of the Sun's location in the afternoon sky. It is a reflection of a person's unsettled emotions around some issue that they have been impacted by in a way that left them feeling less than whole, left them feeling dis-satisfied with something that transpired. The upset goes into places of being in a way that is not dis-similar to what happens when a glass cup is dropped onto the floor and splintered into many pieces. Having an impacting experience that splinters one's emotional state of being in a given moment is not uncommon today. Picking up the pieces in the moment of the impact is one way to keep them from splintering into other areas of one's bodily energetic make up. However, when the pieces are not picked up and regrouped in a harmonious way, splinters of energetic separations will in a sense, sit back until they can find a way back from their disjointed state and isolated place. And when a situation comes along that contains similar attributes as the ones that first created the splinters, the internal splinters burst out towards that energy field, the energy contained in the external situation the person is having, and this bursting out is felt as anger by this person or the person on the receiving end of the outburst. The splintered energy is not in and of itself angry energy, it is the bursting out motion that it undergoes that creates a sensation that so many people have come to define as anger.

There is no need to feel bad about one's self for having such an experience. Becoming clear of these splintered forms of consciousness is an effective way to prevent them from occurring again. Becoming clear of them can be done in whatever ways bring one into healing situations. The healing instances provide a way to release the splinters, fragments of consciousness, so that there are no more of them 'on edge' waiting to be triggered in an outburst that feels like anger.

An idea often used to describe these splinters is that of emotions that are dysfunctional. They are not in alignment with their natural state of being. They have been separated from their natural state of being and they are in a sense feeling abandoned. And in a sense, when they see an opportunity to escape from their isolated state, they move to it. If the opportunity to return is due to a healing situation, then they will move back in a comforting way. If the opportunity to return is due to a situation that is similar in volatility to the one in which they came out of, then they will be sparked by it into a quick flashing heat flame of sorts and anger is felt bursting outward.

While we understand that the words used in what we have been saying may not be most familiar to you, there is a level of connection that will be taking place while having read this material, and the connection is one of understanding more of how a person in any given moment is either creating vibrations that are in tune with their whole state of being or in a given moment they may be experiencing some type of stress or duress that is overtaxing their emotions to the point that they create some vibrations that are not in tune with their whole state of being. They instead create some vibes that have been removed to a large extent from their soul vibrations, heart vibrations, love vibrations, home vibrations. And just as someone who is conscious wants to be able to feel at home, these vibes want to feel at home too. They are units of consciousness that are aware in ways sufficient enough to know when they are at home and also when they are not at home but are instead missing something very important to there sense of well being.

Pieces of a broken glass on the floor can be sharp enough to cut the feet of one who walks on them. Pieces of consciousness within ones energetic make up, energetic bodies, can also cut the thin membranes within the emotional body and other subtle bodies, and bring about much emotional dysfunction if left upon the floor of ones internal foundation of being. Anger and other types of so labeled dysfunctional emotions that are felt by a person are indicators of splinters, fragments of consciousness that when left unattended can generate many unforeseen or undesired outbursts. All pieces have a place where they fit and healing processes are one way for them to return, to be returned back into their home place where all can rest in comfort and ease and be free of dis-ease.

We love you. We are happy to be with you, and we look ahead to the days to come, that we may share with you once again. Much joy with you and in you.

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