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"You Are The Genesis Of Creation"

Be happy!
We love you tremendously in so many ways today.
Play. Play. Play!

Enjoy all that you are and all that you have before you. How wonderful it is to be a part of this world now, this Earthly wonder you have all created from wonderment, from love, from lifetimes of working together to bring about a new reality. A new way of diversifying 'All That Is'. A new way of providing energy with delightful potentials for becoming that which you choose to create it to be, that which you have longed for it to be, that which it is all now becoming, for you have arrived at this place in time and opportunity now. This place that has you at the helms of an enormous ship of life and oceans of universes fill your horizon. Take a look. Scan the horizons. See what you want to have there before you, and sail into the reality of your creations. You are the captains of this worldly ship now. You are the genesis of creation here once again, and this time you have created tools to navigate your journeys through the waters of your soul's greatest delights.

We are so very happy to be here in these blending realities with all of you that choose to captain your ship of life into the joyous waters of lifes greatest splendors. We have been with you before. And we have been with you before that too. For you see, you and we are one and the same on the deeper vibrational levels of life, of reality, of the multidimensional reality that pours into your new awakening levels of awareness. We are flowing with you now in beautiful waterways that have not streamed through the consciousness of humanity before, not before. It is entirely new, you are entirely new, and we are all in this life together. We have been with you since before the beginning of time, which was a time of no time, and it was a time of much joy. That time of no time is once again billowing into your awareness, as are the energies you utilize in untold ways, in unseen ways, to create the ship you live in, stream in, navigate in, and we have nothing for you but everything you can think of, everything you can imagine, everything you can create. It is now available, it is amazingly so.

So delighted we are to share with you as we all embark together in this new journey of joyous upliftment, in this new life undertaking that provides opportunity for each and every one of you to stand up and be heard, to stand up and truly be counted, to truly be recognized within the energetic alignments that come together in countless ways to bring about consensus realities. Those wonderful realities that truly reflect the desires, the wishes, the soul felt intentions of love's highest dreamtime manifestations. Each contributing to this world's beingness, physical structure in reflection of your intentions of creation. Each one of you is in a powerful place now, position now, to be heard and to have your interests from heartfelt sources become a very real part of the physical reality reflected back to you in each day of your life here on Earth, this heavenly place it is so wonderfully becoming, manifesting into.

With joy and harmony this Earth has found the humanity that reflects her desires, a humanity that acknowledges her consciousness and desire to be recognized, her quest to have souls flowing in consciousness of planetary magnitudes is becoming a reality. You are each learning on some level of your beingness here how to recognize and appreciate this life that Earth embodies for you, provides for you, allows in more and more grateful acknowledgements of you, because of you. This relationship of humanity and Earth has had numerous other opportunities to create a togetherness that would reflect unified soul, unified universality. Bringing such a co-existence into the Universe has been challenging for all involved, for all in fall, for all be called. And now all are to partake of this new and generous relationship that has been created.

How deep we are in joy this day of your time as you create time to exist. We love you deeply. We share with you the vibrations of home, of the heart, of the source of all we are. May you continue to lift up this life in the directions of understanding, compassion, and honest co-creativity for all concerned.

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