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"Talk To Love"

Dear friends of so very many loving lifetimes together, most delightful to be here with you now in these blending ways. It is with great joy that we come to this place in time, this place in interconnections of so many ideas and ways of life that have grown through the millennia of millennia upon Earth's historic history, upon Earth's herstoric herstory. Much has changed over these periods of human growth and interaction with life on Earth. Much change is upon the globe now and once again the opportunities for you all to envelope the streaming flows of your energetic matrixes has reached new heights of expressive possibilities.

To glow into new generations of families and creations in time is always a splendid and exciting opportunity, is it not? How high will you fly? How wide will you see? How deep will you go into the realms of wholly self matrimony? How much love do you feel? Sense? Does it flow like a warm stream uplifting your every sensation? For it can. Does it flow through your every thought in aware? For it can. Do you feel it? How deep can you go with love? How intelligent is this love?

How many times recently have you sat down and had a conversation with love, once or twice?

Not at all, how could it be so?  Not talking with love, how do you do this? Very strange to me I will tell you now, not talking with love anymore, not talking to love anymore. When did you decide to stop talking to love, how old were you?

So you don't need love in your life anymore, is that it?  No, that's not it?

You enjoy the flowing feeling of love coursing through you, but you don't sit down and talk with love anymore. Why have you stopped being a part of love's life? What did love do to you that you decided to ignore it and all of its eternal attempts to talk with you?

What am I talking about? I am talking about your seeming lack of interest to talk with love, to dialogue with love, to share your thoughts with love. I am talking about your seeming lack of interest to talk with love about the beautiful friends that you think you have fallen in love with earlier today at the park. I am talking about your seeming lack of interest to talk with love about how much you love the way the Sun sets in the evening sky. Love does feel how you feel as the Sun sets. Love does feel how you feel while falling in love with the beautiful friends you have discovered at the park on this day of your play. Love is there in each breath you take in these moments, in all moments. Love is. So immense love is. Love is very happy to hear what you have to say. Sit down sometime and talk to love. Can you at least pretend? Talking with love, to love. Go ahead and pretend if you feel better about it. Play with the idea. Explore.

Love is. You are responsible. Love lives. You make the choices. Love gives. You are the creator. Love allows you. You live with all you grow. Love is breathing before you, breathing after you, breathing in front of you, breathing within you. Love is. Speak to me. Love is. Be with me. You make the choices. Love is always here for you. Have you spoken to love lately?

Stream in any stream, and there love flows. Dream in any dream, and there love flows. Be in any being, and there love flows. Be within your being, and there love flows. Talk with love. The streams of love flow eternal. The streams of love flow all around. Call love. Speak with love. Fall in love. Let go and fall in love with love.

How does a relationship survive where there is no dialogue, no conversation, no two way communication? Love lives. Speak with love. You make the choices. Allow your heart to be heard, so wise in voice, so deep in love.

It is truly a joy to share with you in these ways.

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