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"Living Examples Of Perpetual Energy Sources"

We begin together again this day of your time as you create time to exist. There is a flowing of Sunshine going on in the hearts and minds of humanity this day of your time. Without the wine or time to dine, you all have a nutrient energy within your souls that provides the light upon each day in a way that not only can you imagine, but it is through your imagination that you have created this light, this source of fuel, that energizes the very matter that you most often feel matters the most. The body you be. The body you see. For, you see, there is so much about your body in physical form that can show you by its very own example just how effortless it is to access energy, to access the stuff of life that can be utilized for you in other ways, the stuff that moves life from one moment to the next, the fuel that is in you that moves your stuff of life, that consumes the food you intake, the wine you fine dine, the life you wind chime. For each of you have unique sounds that emanate from your body and sing like the chimes within the winds of your consciousness, within the wings of your soul's flight through each day of life. This fuel is powerful. It is enormous in potential, in capacity, in propensity to burst upon the scene of your science today. Your science. The science in you. For it is up to each of you to decide to bring it into the eye sights of all that is in your day to day alliance with governments, education institutions, social circles, global world. You are the fuel that is eternal, that is without end, that needs no refilling at the pumps, at the station of life creations. You are living examples of what has often been referred to as Zero Point Energy. You are living examples of the endless resources for fueling not only your eternal nature but also the mechanisms that you have created to fuel your harvests of food, of energy consuming machineries and many others.

We watch the way you access eternal sources of fuel to drive your beingness, your aliveness, your happenstance of circumstances as you perceive them to be, and we wonder when you will decide to step out of the ideas of limitation as they relate to the sources of fuel you use for systems outside of your body that you have so many of. When will you decide to utilize the eternal fuel sources that fuel your body, your planet, your solar system, your galaxy, and life throughout the physical universes available for you to see through your physical instrumentations of observation and exploration. You have only to decide that it is time to relinquish the draining activities upon your planet's bodily resources and decide to move into utilizing the zero point ideas that are in many ways accurate and already being utilized by you in the ways that make it possible for you to consume food, digest food, drink water and wine. You have all the resources available to you now to be self sufficient in thought, creation, and in how you motor your vehicles, your industries, your machineries.

You have left your understandings of how, and what, fuels your being in any dimension. You have left the understandings by the roadside, and you have been so busy driving back and forth with the duties of the day that you have yet to really stop and see that which you have left on the roadside, that which is fuel of eternal in nature. You have yet to stop the limited patterns of thought that have been driving you around and around on your freeways, your roadways, your highways, in order to be the freeway of energetic access and utilization, in order to be the high way of utilizing the same systems for fueling your industrializations that you already use to fuel your eternal nature.

Be the road that leads the way to the fuller understandings of how you truly access fuels to get you through the day, of how you truly fuel foods to get your body through the day. What fuels food to fuel you? It is eternal in its nature, this fuel we speak of, that is for you to discover, that is for you to decide to accept on a large enough scale consciously to be able to manifest it into physical reality. There is more to that which bees you than you have been told, than you have seen while driving through your life each day, than you have allowed yourself to remember back into reality, back into the touchable, usable, world you live in.

Have you a sense of the depletive nature of siphoning the blood of other life forms when you have no need to? Decide you want to be aware of this package of gold that you have left along the roadside, this package of bold behavior that stands up and remembers where the key to the chest of eternal fuels has been coded. Bring it back. Bring back the way of fueling that has no limits and needs no big brother to provide it to you while charging you money to access it.

The blocks in your understanding of how to access eternal fuel sources are not perpetual in nature, but the fuels do provide an energy source that is perpetual in motion that will drive all vehicles directly to that roadside location to admire the amazing scenery provided by such a lush landscape of golden Sunsets unearthed not from the depths of Gaia's gullet but from the streams of your eternal consciousnesses that contain the knowledge and understand how to go in the flow endlessly. Zero point energy. Free energy. Whatever you have called it or understand it to be, understand that it is here for you to choose to manifest physically into the everyday life, the all over the global life, of your day to day living. Get up and make the journey to that roadside location. It is there. It is now. You drive the car. You direct the energy. You steer the course that takes you to this reality or you continue passing it by each day. Could there possibly be any other way than for you to take the action to make it all happen? You are at the wheel. It is you, humanity, that decides where you go, who you will see, and what you will do. What will you do? Will you do?

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