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"Soul Moves Within Our Play"

Most wonderful to be here with you in these blending moments together. We have a moment in this time together to share the views of all good news as it relates to your sense of shoes and how they support you as you walk. There are many types of soles that come with shoes as there are so many different types of shoes to choose. Have you a pair of shoes that give you good support? Do they feel comfortable to you? Are they new or old and worn? Are they clean or full of gum and goo? The soles you wear each day are with you throughout each step you take. You have so many ways with which to walk upon the soles of your day.

There are a number of soles that are walked in circles all day, some prefer to jump, hop, skip, and jump their way through the day. Do you see the soles of your shoes as you walk? Do you feel the support they provide for you?

How often do souls move, the soul of you, the soul in you, the soul that provides you with the support and foundation to walk each day? Do souls move only with each step someone takes or do they move at times when seated or sleeping too? Are there souls that are good and souls that are bad? There are shoes with lots of gum and goo, but what about souls? Can they get covered in gum and goo too?

It is beyond the realms of modern day science to detect the true nature of the soul from an instrumental point of observation. Instruments such as these have yet to find their soul and when they do then all will see what we can see. That those forms of life that have a soul are able to detect other souls. They are able to see them move but not in ways that walk a shoe down an alleyway while on its way to play. And not in ways necessarily using means of visual observation. Rather, soul movement is detected, seen, by means of feeling. Soul movement is felt most easily when in a state of play from day to day.

When souls feel like walking, where do they go? Who do they have to spend the day with on a warm summers eve or a cool winters day? The soul in you is forever alive and awake and so full of vivacious play that can fill the day. We have seen the soul walked on so frequently from day to day in the ways of this world and its games of winning at all costs to those who play. There is but one soul direction in eternity. The soul direction is to play in a way that has all at hand in joy today. In joy every day. How now will this become the call of the day once again you may say? Give of yourself this day in a way that is full of play. Give of yourself into yourself. Be the play that awakens each day and turns to ways that are joyful and happy to you. Allow the day to unfold in ways that support play. In ways that attract play. In ways that are here to stay. It is time to play each day. It is time to unwind and thrive in these times of light today. Find the ways that are available to move into the soul desire to play. The soul desire to be that which you are so capable of being here each moment of your day. Joyous beings. Magnificent beings. Truly a wonder that is above and beyond that which has been put down in books of history and geology. You are more than the records contained in these tabloid ways. You are more than genealogies and ancestries. You have the abilities to create in ways removed from these inconsistencies in history. You have capabilities to "bring home here" in momentous ways each day of your play, of your play, play, writing that which you are upon the stages of global plays in every way.

Soul happy to be here with you in these blending moments together.
Good day to you this day of your play.

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