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"Your 'Light' Uplifts Beings From Other Planetary Spaces"

Most delightful to be here with you dear friends in these blending moments together. How wonderful it is to share in these worlds of endless opportunity that you have here before you now. A world that is flowing with waves of light that have not entered into these streams of human consciousness for many thousands of years dear friends. It is a wonderful time to be here. A glorious time to be here, having so many opportunities to experience a variety of joys, a variety of fulfillment, of happiness. So many people creating "light" as it relates to the ideas of greater understanding and ways to uplift life for one's self and for others.

The ways of sharing, contributing and educating people who have not been so fortunate, who have not been so connected, you could say, who have been more in the darkness in their understanding, more veiled, more separated, the ways to uplift them are increasing. Now there are opportunities for people creating "light" to provide ways for these seemingly less connected people to awaken more, to re-connect more to their lighter and more understanding aspects of who they are, of their soul that swims in life, in consciousnesses streaming throughout this world you live in, interacting with other consciousnesses, other people, other thoughts, other feelings. And through the swimming, the blending, the dancing of consciousnesses, a person creating "light" is able to uplift, is able to bring understanding, is able to provide new resources of life to those who are less connected in the moment. And such people are able to become more connected in ways that they may not be aware of initially. They can become connected to their soul-being by having these new consciousness streams flowing within their energy streams, within their consciousness streams. They can awaken in ways that are unknown to them in their aware states but that brings through this understanding of "greater being" into their dreamtime when they sleep and during their daydreams. In this way, they will become more whole, more healed, more happy, more compassionate, more conducive to listening to what others have to say, more conducive to listening to what they themselves have to bring out from within their own creative and imagination thought processes. They will be more willing to feel, more willing to heal, more willing to reach out and extend a helping hand to others in ways they would not have done before, in ways they could not understand before, in ways they could not comprehend before.

The streams of light-consciousness that flow within a person that has the desire to uplift and interact with those who are not so readily connected, who are not so readily re-membering back into their more whole state of being, having this "light" consciousness flowing within their area, within their energy locale, is another way that other people can become more uplifted and connected. By being more of the "light" you are, you are able to interact and connect with many people, help many people, uplift many people, in subtle ways you perhaps do not see, but you are in deeper levels of your understanding well aware that this is occurring.

In terms of what you will see in your physical reality, you will see more people reaching out and helping others, more upliftment, more understanding, as the streams of light flow and are swam in by more and more people each day. It can be no other way in this time that you have all called to have before you, this time you are all in now. Yes. A time of celebration indeed dear friends. A time that is a cornerstone of new directions being created in the consciousness and the physical manifestations of man kind, woman kind, human kind.

You will begin connecting to those beings that live in other forms, many very similar to your humanoid form, but the understanding that life exists on other worlds, on physical worlds, is not completely accepted yet in this present Earth time consciousness. It will become so. There is no way around this. This reality has been chosen. This reality will not be frozen. It will become real. It will become ideal. It will become in the mainstream awareness of all who live here, interacting with beings of other races from other planetary spaces. This is becoming something that is on the horizon of the Sunrise into your reality. Soon the Sun will rise. Soon this mentality will rise. Both on the horizon together. Bringing about a new day. Bringing about a new way of play, of understanding, of interacting, of living in this world here on Earth. Yes.

This new day is very close, very close indeed. We are all very happy. There has been so much that has had to go before this time to make this time possible to come into manifestation. Yes. Much work, much choice, much choosing, a great deal of cooperation and understanding has allowed for this to become a chosen reality. Very soon a reality. Very soon it will be so dear friends. Soon.

Be who you are. Remain as you are, a being that is growing towards greater understanding and greater cohesive interaction amongst others, and creating greater joy in groups here on Earth, greater understanding amongst countries here on Earth. For these are all supportive of the process of bringing about this larger reality. Yes. This newer reality that will expand consciousness here immensely, providing new opportunities, new ways of living, new ways of perceiving, new ways of creating, new ways of supporting the infrastructures of life, of people, new ways of accessing energy resources, new ways of providing food, and new ways of enjoying your days, new ways of playing, and new ways of being more of who you are. Yes.

Many doors are opening, many windows are opening, many rooms of reality are coming into the consciousness. Many mansions are lowering their gates and allowing their understandings to flow into the larger world at hand here on Earth. Be happy if you are ready dear friends to play. Yes. Play each day. Play in every way that you are able to, create into, be a part of.

Most delightful to share with you in these blending moments together. Much joy and delight for you all.

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