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"Laughter Is Uplifting All Involved"

Most delightful to be here with you in these blending moments together. We have news of views into the categories relating to happy cheers in times of vigorous playfulness. These activities that bring delight into your dream world that you live in each day have been lifting veils of heavy vibrations for some time now. For many years you have come together to create laughter and splendor in joyous ways that uplift all involved. We know you enjoy the laughter and the good hearted feelings that vibrate within you during moments such as these. You have an immense potential to live with this level of vibrancy in all things that you do, each day. You are truly finding it within your awareness to believe that this is so and with the belief comes the streams of energy that pull the reality into your physical world for you to play in. You have often allowed pain to be an overbearing experience and one that has impacted the way you have made choices that impact your life. But these painful ways are finding themselves to be visited less and less each day by more and more of you. It is wonderful to see the light streaming through each one of you more fully. You have been creating new foundations to build many exciting realities on. Heaven, happiness, joyfulness, the loving nature that exudes into you, and from you, are all vibrations that are filling into your old heavy patterns of thinking. The heaviness is lifting, leaving, disintegrating. Light falls upon humanity with floating devices of your creation more and more frequently now.

We are delighted to be here with you in all you are bringing forth. Much joy to you all this day of your play.

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