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"Bringing In New Games of Play"

Beauty in the way you play. Beauty in the way of your days. Beauty is there and here and you need only decide how much and how often you want to be a part of it, the beauty that is, that is you in so many ways, that is you throughout the day as you play. Feeling in play. Feeling like play. It's beautiful to be happy in everyway. There are many forms available to access play. Many forms of approaching, allowing, accepting for play to be with you. To be with what you experience. There are a number of games you can play. Ways to pretend that will activate play through you. Games of pretend that allow you to let go of so many forms of expectations for specific results, particular outcomes. Having only the feelings of play flowing through you as you pretend within a game is highly sufficient for you to truly feel it, know it, see it, understand it in new ways that support the soul's desire to create through play, the feeling of play.

Having so many activities each day can surely take away from time to pretend in some game playing. Having a driving force within that seems to allocate your time into activities that prevent streams of play can often remove one from the sense of joy each day. So to play games of pretend in fashions that allow for new growth to take place within and amongst those interacting in the game, will often have the best chance to ease up deep patterns of consciousness that seem to drive one into activities that have no support for play vibes.

There are many activities presented that are said to be a game, such as a game played on a game board. We, however, are referring to games that do not capitalize on control, and capture, and outwitting, and outlasting, and so on, as many of these games of financial outgrowth contain and maintain. We are referring to very organic forms of play, of pretend, that go into worlds of your imagination that have yet to see the light of day for many of you, that have not yet been released into the worlds that many of you are aware of. We are referring to games of pretend and interaction that are "free form" to a large extent, that may have a few suggested guidelines to get you all started, but the guidelines are then easily forgotten and unnecessary as the play flow blossoms into flowering experiences of colorful interaction and discovery. You have found many of these ideas that allow for these types of organic games to take place. It does occur. There are people doing them, interacting with them. And there are opportunities now to increase the numbers of you that are actively participating in games of organic play. Ways of play that jump with you in joy. These types of games are becoming more and more of a source of great support, growth, and catalyst for you and your ability to create greater levels of happiness within the streams of consciousness you all swim together in. We see you enjoying these games in moments of real joy. They are for you to develop more fully into your world at this time. That is your choice. Many clues are finding their way into the awareness of more and more people now. It is happening.

Great joys for all, this day of your time.

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