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"Foundations For Uplifting Group Creations"

Most delightful to be here with you in this way in your day and time. We have always been here in the innermost workings of your heart's desires, being able to maintain connections with you and all that you do. We have had our worlds filled with joy since before your time here began. We are always here to communicate and to share with you in ways that support the growth processes that your soul has the greatest joys in. You are always able to connect and communicate with us, as this is how it was all decided so long ago as time passes in your experience of it. You may "be with" every aspect of life that you are able to manifest within the mind and imagination. And you can be with your heart each day, each moment, in ways of communicating, sharing, feeling. These ways are unique unto each of you, how you experience this type of communication is something that each one of you will feel in ways unique to you, for you are unique in vibration and in being.

As you blend more with others in life, you may have a sense that all feelings of joy will be felt the same by all, but within the experiences that come from the innermost workings of your heart soul, you will always have a feeling for joy that is like no other. A feeling of love that is like no other. A feeling of happiness that is like no other.

In blending with others as you do when interacting with them, you can most certainly feel the joy they may be feeling in a given moment, however, the way you feel it is somewhat different than how they feel it. So as they feel joy in the ways they feel joy, you will feel their joy in another way that is uplifting also. When one person is experiencing another persons joy, there are then two people feeling joy and while the two types of joy are somewhat different, the two forms of joy do have great potential to blend, to combine, in a harmony, a resonance, and this resonant state of joy is yet another way that joy can be felt. In this way, two people experiencing joy together creates a third type of joy vibration that is available for others to feel and be a part of. And with a third person present also experiencing in the joy, then the ways of joy, the specific vibrations of joy, that are being manifested, multiplies into even more types of joy that are being expressed, being created. As more and more people come together in ways that have them feeling, expressing their joy, the numbers of different types of joy being created begins to increase astronomically.

And while we have been referring to joy, this increase occurs with other attributes such as playfulness, happiness, wonder, uplifting creativity, and on and on this list can go. You have such enormous potential to create magnificent realities here when you are working together in groups. You have been creating together for many thousands of years, and now you are freeing up from obstacles that have been a bind on your abilities to create through the togetherness processes where joys, happinesses, loving expressions, are set into the creative process to be catalysts in manifesting uplifting realities quite quickly.

Come together in ways to play at creating much upliftment with joy as a foundation, happiness as a foundation, so many qualities to place as the foundation, and be conscious creators of realities you prefer to live together. Be unlimited in that which you allow yourselves to decide upon as a reality you feel is worthy of intending into your physical world. Explore and allow your imaginations to bring through possibilities for new worlds to create and live in that truly excite you, impassion you, delight you. Do it. You can. It only needs your desire and focused intentions within the types of foundations we have spoken of. Let this become more and more of a reality in terms of the ways you create your reality.

Much play, much play, much play, this way of your day.

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